V-Go R&D

V-Go® SIMTM (2)

Simple Insulin Management

V-Go ® SIMTM is expected to:

  • Send data one-way to a Smart Device
  • Provide data on V-Go insulin dosing
  • Increases patient adherence
  • Transfer data to the Cloud through an App and allows the user to message their information by email

V-Go® Pre-FillTM (2)

pre-filled device

  • Prefilled Insulin cartridges to eliminate filling step
  • No EZ Fill refrigeration
  • Lower number of co-pays(1)
  • Provides revenue from insulin
  • Expands target population
  • Extends patent life

(1) Assumes V-Go’s and insulin cartridges packaged in a single box under a single NDC thereby potentially reducing the number of prescriptions and the number of co-pays required per patient.
(2) Product currently under development.